Frequently Asked Questions




When are you open?

2024 – Exciting New Location to be announced!

Closed Mon & Tue (except the week of Christmas)
Sun, Wed, Thur  6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Fri & Sat 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Closed on Christmas Night 12/25

Are you open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Night?

We will be open on Christmas Eve

Closed on Christmas Night (12/25)

in the event of heavy rain or high winds, please check our website, Facebook or Call 904-316-5673 to check the show status. We will update these if we close due to weather.

How much does it cost?

Sun -Thur $25 per vehicle 
Fri & Sat $30 per vehicle
Passenger Vans (12-15 people) and Limos are $40 any night.
VIP Skip the line are $50 and available on select nights

How does ticketing work?

Tickets can be purchased in advanced on line at  Tickets per vehicle (not per person).  Your ticket is valid for 1 trip through the light show.  We have set up 30 min time slots to monitor ticket sales and eliminate the hours of wait time.  Please arrive at the entrance in the time slot you have selected.  We still allow entrance as first come first served.  If you would like to skip the line please purchase the VIP ticket (select nights only).

I purchased my ticket online how is it redeemed

You will be sent a confirmation email with a barcode/QR code.  You can either print the ticket or show it on your phone to be scanned by our staff at the entrance.  Tickets are non refundable.

It may rain tonight will you be closed?

If there is rain or high winds in the area please check the website, Facebook or Call 904-316-5673 to check the show status.  We will update these if we close due to weather.  If you are concerned about inclement weather, we encourage you to request an alternate date at least 48-hours in advance.  In the unlikely event of the show being cancelled you will receive a credit to select another date and time.

How long is the show?

The show length varies depending on how fast you choose to drive and how many cars are in attendance on the night you visit.  We recommend driving at an idle speed of 1mph at this speed you will be in the show 25-30 min.

How long is the wait to see the show?

Weekends and the week of Christmas have become very busy.  Monday – Wednesday are our slower nights with little to no wait.

We are monitoring ticket sales and traffic and working to lower wait times, however you should expect to wait on busy nights unless you have purchased the VIP Skip the line ticket.

Portable restrooms are available before you enter the show.  It is suggested that you bring drinks, snacks and something to keep the kids busy if you are attending on busy nights.

How do I hear the music that the lights dance to? Tuning your radio and satellite radio.

Please know how to tune your vehicle’s radio to 98.5 FM. Our lights dance to the music on this radio station. Most radios have a “tune” button or a triangle that allows you to move small amounts along the dial.  Your preset buttons will not help you tune to the correct station.

You’ll also need to know how to turn your vehicle’s lights down to parking/running lights.  There typically is a dial on the left side of your steering wheel that controls your headlights.  

Your cars owners manual or YouTube can help with this.

Are there Restrooms?

Port-a-Johns will be accessible in the parking lot prior to entering the show.  Please be aware of your surroundings and other vehicles when exiting your vehicle.

How do I turn my vehicles lights down to parking lights?

Most cars have a dial on the left of the steering wheel that controls the headlights.  Please check your car’s manual.

Am I allowed to get out of the car?

If you need to use the porta potty (located prior to entering the show) please be aware of your surroundings and other vehicles.
For the safety all our visitors once you have entered the show you are not permitted to exit your vehicle.  If there is an emergency our staff member will assist you.